Chairman’s Statement

Hon. Dr. E.K. Mureithi Group Chairman

It has never been easy to break into the flower industry, and there were times, right in the beginning, when we felt that getting flowers to our markets overseas was a very daunting task…With almost all our produce going into the international market, we have found ourselves having to contend with currency imbalances and other fiscal hurdles’ this however has not stopped the company realizing growth every year, and maintaining that growth pattern throughout the two decades that we have been in existence. This is a task we have overcome through the sheer dedication and loyalty the Suera team has shown over the years the people at Suera Flowers have remained a constant source of learning and inspiration for me. Our investment in new human resource skills, product development and market diversification has begun to give true dividends and has seen us make it through global economic slowdowns and setbacks.

I am especially proud of the leaps we have made in our environmental conservation efforts that have seen the birth of a micro-ecosystem comprised of a series of wetlands designed to harness recycled water and channeling it to the development of a greener, cleaner and more rewarding environment. The environment, its improvement and sustainability are issues that have been, and continue to be very close to our hearts, and is a duty we undertake with pride.

It is now time to take what we have learned, and continue to learn every day, and prepare ourselves for the future. We believe that if we are true to our core values, which are the corner stone’s of our company, we will truly remain a company built on loyalty, founded on dedication.

I am proud to be a member of this team…and a member of this community.

Hon. Dr. Erastus .K. Mureithi

Suera Group Chairman