Beyond Business


Environmental Conservation

Suera Flowers is favored to be at a great geographical location with unpolluted air and an amazing array of nature’s goodness which endorses our efforts to have a clean unpolluted environment. These efforts have seen us host in a generous way fish, livestock including sheep and birds including ducks.

We are at the forefront in establishing a Cleaner Environment through the development of Wetlands that help in the purification of wastewater. Under this program a wetland system where plant species from swamps are used for water cleaning through a channeled purification system which is in place.

In addition Suera Flowers has maintained a sizable forest covering 16 hectares of land which hosts different varieties of indigenous and exotic trees. A well established tree nursery system where different varieties of seedlings are nurtured is maintained to ensure continuity of this program. Every year hundreds of seedlings from the nursery are donated to the World environmental day function and a number of schools also visit the farm to pick seedlings for planting in their tree cover campaigns. Our wetlands provide various activities to community under safety measures. The activities in the wetlands include Bird Watching, Fishing, Botanical Gardens and Organizational Retreats. It is these efforts that have seen as be awarded the Total Eco Challenge Gold winner.



Suera has had the good fortune to being very successful in a period when the country is faced with very difficult times. We view this good fortune as an opportunity to help other less fortunate members of our society and for that reason we have insisted on our operations remaining labour intensive.

The company has invested in a training facility that helps our people understand the flower industry better, and gain useful skills in operation management and flower growing. At Suera Flowers, we do not subscribe to the concept “unskilled casual laborers”. Every man and woman will, at the end of their stay, be a certified worker, with a skill they can trade with on the open job market.

We have developed programmes that help the disabled and underprivileged learn craft based skills that help them earn a living. In addition to this, we have helped them gain access to much need financing for these projects and gone a step further by helping them market their products both locally and abroad.

Our company has also diversified to other fields of business when the need is created by our core business e.g. security service and petroleum retailing.This has not only created employment opportunities for more members of our community, but is also creating the infrastructural foundation on which other business can grow.

Staff Wellfare

With a labour force of over a thousand workers, the need for a developed infrastructure in and out of the farm is a necessity. The need for community centers, shops, entertainment venues and other amenities serves as a big morale booster for Suera community.

With regards to the fact that almost 90 percent of the community neighboring us are Christians, Suera Flowers Limited has build Suera Community church which is a community of Christian believers that assemble every week for various worship meetings. The church has also build another branch of the Church at Podo a few kilometers of Nyahururu town. The church also doubles up as a social hall for entertainment and various meetings by the community are also held here. At the church compound is a play field, a basketball court and a football field where a soccer team sponsored by the company practices for their matches.



Suera Community in full understanding of education and its non debatable consequences to a community has a nursery school that offers free nursery school education to employee’s children and also the neighboring community. The nursery schao[s run from baby class which handles children at the tender age of 2 years and above through middle class to top class whiCh handles children ready far primary education.

The company also runs a primary school that offers 8-4-4 system of education. This primary school offers education at a very small fee and has helped many children attain the Kenya certificate of Primary Education with some of the maki ng it to the National and provincial schools in the Nation.

Apart from this Suera Flowers has since 2006 been helping needy students from the community attain all levels of education from primary through high school to Tertiary. Beneficiary have been enrolled in various schools including Kisima Mixed Secondary, Shamata Girls School, Chinga Boys School, Materi Girls School, Falling Waters Schools, Gatimu Secondary and for University and Tertiary Education, Nyandarua Institute, St. Anne Institute, Laikipia University among many more.